Foreign Exchange

In May, 2010, YiJing Elementary School organized all teachers, divided into two groups, to visit Hong Kong Ma Tau Chung Government Primary School to exchange ideas.

YiJing - Ma Tau Chung

April 21 afternoon, YiJing Elementary School was held in 2011 to welcome the Grand Canal, "President's Cup" badminton tournament closing ceremony, "YiJing - Ma Tau Chung (Hung Hom Bay)," Hong Kong and Shenzhen exchanges student badminton tournament.

Happy growing, flying dream

May 30 morning, the sun was shining, the day of YiJing Elementary School is not the same as usual, campus flags flying, full of laughter.                   

reading English Essay

November 5, 2013, the fourteenth session of the Shenzhen Luohu District School English Reading Month Essay recitation contest held in primary reservoir.

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